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This is a self-paced digital course that arrives in your inbox over 8-weeks. In a world where busyness abounds, we wrote Revive to help brilliant female physicians come back home to themselves. This course includes 8 CERT+ Mainpro credits (CFPC approved), and Understory's foundation package of essential goodies to support your rediscovery.


Join us whenever you heart desires.

A 10-month course for women doctors who are ready to own the state of their emotional well-being.
The Immersive gives you an actionable approach to attune to your inner wisdom, power, and beauty at work and home, regardless of what’s thrown your way.

The Immersive

Launching Fall 2023

Back by popular demand, this 4-week self-directed online course is designed for physicians experiencing burnout. It is a beautiful and incredibly practical guide for gaining more perspective, re-establishing priorities, and time management. And, of course, we've sprinkled in a little self-awareness and personal discovery on top.  Time Cure includes 4 CERT+ Mainpro credits (CFPC approved).

Time Cure

Ready to tackle time?

Volunteer-run, accredited and registered non-profit organization offering transformative online courses and CME credits to busy women doctors in Canada.