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Snag two short-and-sweet (and super effective) audio lessons from somatic coach Annie Bray to listen to before and after work while you’re chugging coffee or trying desperately to decompress. The first helps you tap into the resilience you already have within you—the second encourages you to find rest and ease before you return home. Meditations? Sure. Mindfulness exercises? Yup. Just the potent, punch-packing practice you need to finally start reclaiming your joy? Now we’re talking.

Here is a little more about our faculty member Annie Bray, the somatic coach who gifted us all these audio recordings. Annie supports creatives and caregivers to show up for the people and the work they love without burning out or losing heart. Her whole-human approach is informed by over 20 years of registered massage therapy, movement, plus deep study in mindfulness meditation and the neurobiology of trauma and attachment. She has a particular affinity for supporting clinicians who know they're at risk and who want to find a path back to balance and meaning. Learn more about Annie at her website:

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