Back by popular demand, this 4-week self-directed online course is designed for physicians experiencing burnout. It is a beautiful and incredibly practical guide for gaining more perspective, re-establishing priorities, and time management. And, of course, we've sprinkled in a little self-awareness and personal discovery on top. Time Cure includes 4 CERT+ Mainpro credits (CFPC approved). 

Time Cure

Understory's Antidote for Rushing


It's about time. 

Participants will be invited to envision their career in medicine from the perspective of their life priorities and how they are managing their time. They will be guided through exercises that help them design and manage their time to best address their life and career priorities By the end of this course the participant will be able to: • analyze and intentionally explore burnout in their personal and professional lives, and chart a way forward based on analyzing how they spend their time. • determine and write a tangible list of personal and professional priorities they would like to work towards. • implement an improved practice of scheduling and time management as a tool for self awareness and discovery

Why now?

How you get rest, peace and nurturing is up to you. But if you don't do it on purpose, it's not going to happen. Join us as we revisit our beliefs about time and leave with an invigorated committment to enforcing our boundaries.

The course is $89 plus HST.


The course starts when you purchase it. Each week, for four weeks, you will receive an email that guides you through the material.


For those of us that are tiring of doing too many things, feeling like we're always behind, and running from one thing to the next when we really just want a little bit more peace.


4 CERT+ Mainpro credits
(CFPC approved).

A private Facebook forum for discussion, questions and support.

Weekly course material emails sent straight to you with no additional logins required.

Nothing is compulsory and everything is optional and self-paced!

a course for busy female physicians who are ready for a different pace:

Dr. Kelly Luu is a medical doctor and coach dedicated to helping physicians change the way they practice medicine. She is no stranger to the balancing act and believes that time management is as much about a mindset as it is a practical (and essential) life skill. Kelly will connect to the community through our Facebook page where she will share practical tips and respond to questions.

Dr. Kelly Lu is a pediatrician, clinic owner, medical educator, mother of young boys, and a coach.

Who is Kelly?

Meet your host.

If you wait until you're not busy before you make time for yourself, then...well, you get it. Or do you?

Time Cure

Volunteer-run, accredited and registered non-profit organization offering transformative online courses and CME credits to busy women doctors in Canada.