This is a self-paced digital course that arrives in your inbox over 8-weeks. In a world where busyness abounds, we wrote Revive to help brilliant female physicians come back home to themselves. This course includes 8 CERT+ Mainpro credits (CFPC approved), and Understory's foundation package of essential goodies to support your rediscovery.


Understory's Foundational Program


Let's press the pause button and take a good, hard look at what's really happening.

One of the tricky parts about being a physician is that you have to do so many things, for so many people, and be outstanding at it all. After a lifetime of being celebrated for your achievements, it is easy to lose touch with your own needs and desires. Revive is a chance to close the curtains and look inside so that you can examine whether all the balls you are juggling are actually the balls you want to be holding.

What's going on here?

Is it possible we’re moving so fast that we have totally forgotten who we are? Have we been conditioned to put everyone else first and somewhere along the line, began to equate our worth with what we produce, how we're seen by others, and how clean our house is?

Well, maybe it's time to get off the ol' hamster wheel. Let’s commit to spending the time to unlearn the patterns that keep us running in place towards a destination that we may no longer even desire.
Let's discover who we are when we stop trying so hard.

The course is $149 plus HST/shipping. We offer an option with no box for $129 plus HST because who doesn't like options.


The course starts when you purchase it. Each week, for four weeks, you will receive an email that guides you through the material.


For all of us who are hyper-performance driven, and ready to be wound a little less tight (but are a little afraid of not knowing how to do the wellness thing).


8 CERT+ Mainpro credits (CFPC approved).

A private Facebook forum for discussion, questions and support.

Twice weekly course material emails

Nothing is compulsory and everything is optional and self-paced!

a self-paced course for exhausted female physicians who are ready to explore:

A beautifully curated box filled with luxurious, practical, and delicious goodies to facilitate your learning.

Since 2012, Ellen has been deeply committed to untangling her self-worth from her need for control and achievement. It's going OK.  She teaches topics on organizational behaviour and social psychology, and researches well-being at work.

Each month, you can join Ellen with other members of the Revive Community on Zoom for some Q&A, reflection, and togethering where we will invite you just to show up as authentically as you can be it bright and shiny, or dark and stinky. 

Dr. Ellen Choi is a doctor (the PhD kind, but we'll allow it). She is a mindfulness researcher, business school professor, mom, wife, daughter, and sister. 

Who is Ellen?

Meet your host.

Let's practice moving through the world a little less worried about what everyone else thinks and a little more attuned to the beat of our own drums.


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