Our Courses

Years of change and emergency measures have left so many of us feeling completely drained, and for those at the frontline, it can be hard to step back and take stock. This workshop is all about permission: permission to consider how you feel in this moment; permission to reconnect with your original passions and motivations; permission to delve into the disconnect between then and now, the sense of loss and bewilderment that comes when our work feels impossible.

The Winter Compass

September 10th, 2022 10am - 1pm

A course for women doctors who are feeling trapped, overwhelmed and out of control of their own emotional well-being—Empower gives you an actionable approach for taking back your power both at work and home, regardless of what’s thrown your way.


Starts: September 26, 2022

A three-month deep-dive for women doctors seeking more meaning in life


Starts: TBD

Volunteer-run, accredited and registered non-profit organization offering transformative online courses and CME credits to busy women doctors in Canada.