A three-month deep-dive for women doctors seeking more meaning in life


By Emma Teitel

The Journey

Something is missing.

Your truest self and sense of contentment are taking a backseat to the physician stress and overwhelm that constantly control your life. You feel like you’re missing out on what’s important, and you’re craving deeper meaning in life (way deeper)—but you have no idea how to even begin finding it.

Let’s find that sense of fulfillment you’re seeking.

Walk away from this three-month online course with a life that feels vastly different in all of the best ways. Gain a clear understanding of your personal values and stressors—allowing you to live a more aligned life and reduce stress along the way. And start on a path for reprioritizing things—so when your head hits the pillow each night, you know you're living your life with presence and power. 

3 months
90-minute Zoom coaching calls + 2 emails per week




Women doctors seeking more meaning, fulfillment and ease in life

Who is it for?


CME Credits?

$889 Canadian (plus HST + shipping)


What’s included?

Two emails per week: 1 brief teaching, reflective exercise and a simple homework assignment + 1 recap from the live session with suggestions for further practice and application for that week

A 90-minute live Zoom class every other week with Emma—includes insightful reflective exercises plus teaching and discussion/coaching time.

A thoughtfully-curated care package mailed to your doorstep, with beautiful wellness-focused goods made by Canadian women artisans (Want to lower the cost and save the planet at the same time? Send us an email!)

Access to a private Facebook group for questions, feedback, support and accountability

CFPC Mainpro credits

The Schedule

Class schedule is TBD.

Emails arrive in your inbox on Mondays and Thursdays

How to determine what background noise steals your joy and how to inject meaning as the antidote

What gives you zest for life

How to identify and claim your true values

You will learn…

To chart a sustainable, realistic path toward change by engaging with the momentum of the group

How to effectively reduce both home and work stress

To reshape your life in order to experience a deeper sense of meaning and presence

“I have taken a few of these courses now, and I can truly say it’s really changed my life.”

- Attribute

Meet Your Teacher

Emma Derman Teitel (MA, LPC, SEP) is a psychotherapist, coach and women’s-group facilitator committed to the empowerment of girls and women around the world. She is passionate about guiding individuals and groups into a deeper connection with themselves and fostering the ability to live with embodied courage, grace and vulnerability.

Specializing in depth and body-centered psychology—Emma is a licensed psychotherapist, a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in the state of Colorado, a certified yoga instructor, a trained women’s group facilitator and a certified eating psychology coach. She has been working in the field of holistic women’s wellness for 10 years and uses a myriad of contemplative, somatic and solution-focused therapies. You can learn more about Emma here.

Emma Teitel

Stop feeling like you’re missing out on meaning.
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