This 6-week course uses emails and 90-minutes of Zoom time to explore how we can empower ourselves to change the landscape of our brains. We have always loved ideas from the Life Coach School so we have continued to partner with Dr. Carol Mills to explore how we can harness our thoughts to maximize our emotional wellbeing. Join us here to revisit how we can meet our overwhelm in a different way, Life Coach School-style. 16 Mainpro CERT+ credits included.


w/ Carol Mills


The Journey

You’re longing for a sense of control.

From the demands placed on you in your career to the multiple things you’re managing in your personal life—you’re feeling trapped, overwhelmed and like so many aspects of your life are out of your control. You have “if-only” thoughts about having everything under control (a clean house, finished paperwork, amazing relationships and perfectly behaved kids rocking unstained t-shirts)—but you know that’s not realistic and desperately want to feel better now.

Let’s get you feeling empowered.

Walk away from this online course feeling empowered to think in a way that allows you to create the life you want. Learn how to navigate “negative” emotions with less judgment and resistance, use intentional thinking to improve your emotional well-being—and feel far better prepared to handle any challenge medicine or home life throws at you.

6 weeks
1.5-hour Zoom coaching call + 2 emails per week


Starts October 11th - November 22nd


Overwhelmed women doctors who want to gain a sense of empowerment over their emotional well-being

Who is it for?

16 Mainpro CERT+ credits, accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada

CME Credits?

$399 + HST


What’s included?

Two emails per week: 1 brief teaching and/or reflective exercise + 1 recap from the live session with suggestions for further practice and application.

A 90-minute live Zoom class every Wednesday with Carol—begins with a brief lesson and concludes with the opportunity to be coached or learn from other members being coached

Access to a private Facebook group for questions, feedback, support and accountability

CFPC Mainpro credits

The Schedule

All live classes take place on Zoom on Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm EST

Emails arrive in your inbox on Mondays and Thursdays

The origin of your current beliefs and whether they benefit you

How to accept the full range of human emotions with less resistance (nope—this isn’t one of those “positive thinking only!” courses)

How your thinking and beliefs contribute to your current emotional state

You will learn…

To challenge your current thinking and beliefs

To become more intentional with your thinking

How to use self-coaching to address challenges with a greater sense of control

“I can honestly say after just a few short sessions, my mindset and thought process had already started to change.”

- Dr. A. Chawla

Meet Your Teacher

Dr Carol Mills is a medical doctor and life coach dedicated to helping women thrive in all aspects of their lives. As a family physician, coach, wife and mother of two very active boys, she knows that sometimes life feels hard and some days are emotionally exhausting.

Dr Mills helps women transform the way they think and show up for themselves in their own lives. She has helped women struggling with various life challenges—including overwhelm, burnout, perfectionism, parenting struggles, “mom guilt”, relationship troubles, time scarcity, goal setting, decision making…and much more.

Dr Mills completed her medical degree at McMaster University and residency at University of Western Ontario—and practices family medicine in Orangeville, Ontario. She believes deeply in the benefits of self-coaching and is passionate about empowering other women to learn the skills of intentional thinking to allow for greater emotional well-being. She strongly believes that greater emotional wellness is the secret to a fulfilling life. Learn more about Dr Mills at

Dr. Carol Mills

Ready to go from endlessly overwhelmed to entirely empowered?

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