The Immersive is a monthly series hosted on Zoom where you can join for just one month, or subscribe for many months. Each month earns you 4 CFPC Mainpro+ credits. If you're not able to attend, a recording will be shared with you for you to follow-along with in your own time. 

The Immersive

Understory's Other Foundational Program


The more we get together, together, together, the more we get together the more human we'll be.

We designed this experience recognizing that many of the ideas that we’ve been chewing on require time to digest. This 12-part series explores monthly themes that invite women to shed their layers and reconnect with who they are when they are out of auto pilot. Who are you when there are no shoulds and supposed to dos blocking the way?

While many of our offerings are self-directed, we wanted to create one community-based highly experiential journey because, well, we’ve missed you. We love being together and showing up as humans exploring what’s possible when we come together in one magical space.
So, we have crafted an experience that invites us to share and witness each other's humanity so that we can hold and love all of our brokenness in one giant cocoon of keeping it real. 

What's going on here?

1. Sign up any time prior to the session.
2. Prior to the session, you will receive one email that introduces you to the concept.
3. A 60-minute Zoom session (dates below) is hosted by a facilitator and sessions will be recorded.
4. After the session, you will receive a final email with key insights, practices/techniques to deepen your learning,, a link to the recording, and of course, your CME credits.

Good Vibrations
June - Tuesday 25th @ 12-1pm EST
July - Tuesday 23rd @ 12-1pm EST
August - Tuesday 20th @12-1pm EST
September - Tuesday 24th @ 12-1pm EST

Good Vibration offers 60-minutes of highly experiential material so that for every minute you attend, 40 minutes of that time will be used to nourish you, in that moment.  Imagine an exercise class where you workout but instead of just exercising your sweet, sweet bod, in these sessions we will exercise the mind, learn a thing or three, flush through our emotions, and move our body
(all of which just might ignite the soul).

The learning outcomes won't be practical nuggets you can apply later, they'll be practical nuggets you'll be experiencing in the session and then what you do afterwards will be entirely up to you.

Toolkit of Techniques Includes:
Breath work
Movement (stretching, squats, somatic exercises)
Meditation & Inquiry
Journalling Reflections & Discussion

Tuesday, Jun. 25th, 12-1pm EST
Tuesday, Jul. 23rd, 12-1pm EST
Tuesday, Aug. 20th, 12-1pm EST
Tuesday, Sept. 24th, 12-1pm EST


Sessions are 60-minutes of interactive exercises on Zoom. Recordings will be shared after the sessions. 



Dr. Ellen Choi is a professor in a Toronto business school that studies employee well-being. She has spent a great deal of effort encouraging people to make space to accept where they're at and to take their foot off the pedal so that they can spend more time in the shadows rather than striving to uphold the mask that shows the world that we're always happy, succeeding, and keeping it all together. 
She's still in to that, big time. 
BUT, she is also devoted to sharing all the incredible ways humans can use techniques raise their own mental and  emotional vibration.  

4 CERT+ Mainpro credits (CFPC approved).

A private Facebook forum for discussion, questions and support

Course material via email and a 60-minute Zoom session at the end of the month with expert instruction

An experiential course built on community to remind us that it's, gasp, maybe ok to be human.

Movement and grounding techniques with somatic practitioners

Opportunities to share, observe, reflect and/or just listen - come as you are!

Growth and change looks different for everyone but one thing we know to be true is that incredibly meaningful healing occurs in relationships so let's get together and get our relating on.

The Immersive

Volunteer-run, accredited and registered non-profit organization offering transformative online courses and CME credits to busy women doctors in Canada.