The course begins May 23, 2024 and is comprised of self-paced curriculum (videos/readings) as well as interactive exercises to consolidate learning. Starting May 30th @ 12pm EST, there will be four group coaching calls facilitated by Dr. Bev at weekly intervals, to support learners and create accountability to the goals. This course is accompanied with 8 CERT+ Mainpro credits (CFPC approved). 

Coming Home

Dr. Bev's 4-Week Wellness Boost


Create a refuge.

Transform your home into a tranquil sanctuary conducive to relaxation and mental well-being. More than just a jumping off point, your home serves as a cornerstone for supporting mental health. By cultivating a peaceful environment, you provide yourself with a refuge from daily
stresses, promoting overall well-being. This nurturing space fosters calmness, rejuvenation, and better mood regulation, ultimately investing in your mental health and overall wellness.

Course Outline

Module 1) Foundations of Wellness Design: Creating Calm Spaces
Module Focus: This module serves as the cornerstone, exploring the intricate connection between design, mental health, mood, anxiety, and stress. The emphasis is on crafting environments that foster nervous system regulation and overall calm, taking into considering individual differences,
values and needs.

Module 2) Enhancing Environmental Wellness: A Holistic Approach
Module Focus: Building upon the foundational knowledge, this module offers a deeper exploration of various design components and their profound impact on overall health and wellbeing. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how elements such as lighting, air quality, thermal comfort, sound and biophilic design influence our physical and mental health.

Module 3) Cultivating Connection: Balancing Social Interaction and Solitude
Module Focus: This module focuses on fostering connection within oneself and with others, recognizing the importance of understanding introversion versus extroversion. It explores how design can facilitate social connection while respecting individual boundaries and needs for privacy.

Module 4) Work-Life Integration: Creating Harmony in Your Space
Module Focus: This module addresses the integration of work and leisure within the home environment, advocating for mindfulness in workspace design, delineation of boundaries, and technology management
to promote work-life balance.

The course is $749 plus HST.
Note: A formal registered psychology receipt can be issued for insurance.


The course starts May 23rd and will run for 4-weeks with weekly coaching calls running May 30, June 6, June 13, and June 20th at 12pm EST.


For those of us see the potential for our actual home to be a glorious safe haven but currently our home is more like stressy, messy, a wee bit depressy.


8 CERT+ Mainpro credits
(CFPC approved).

Weekly live coaching calls start May 30th, 12pm EST

Weekly course material emails sent straight to you with no additional logins required.

While we think you'll love attending live, nothing is compulsory and everything is optional and self-paced!

a course for busy female physicians who want to design their space for a different pace:

Dr. Bev’s Story:  ‘My own little Haven’

Growing up, I loved to play with the design of my spaces. I found the organization of furniture and how everything fit together to create flow and function a very satisfying and calming experience. 30 years later and I'm still fascinated by how the simple things around us fit together. Even my children’s lunchboxes get arranged with a considerable amount of psychological forethought!

My infatuation with design was put to the test in 2018. My husband and I were living in what we thought was our dream home. Yes it was a rental, and yes it was basically a garage, but we loved our beautiful laneway home. This modern and sleek home had a calm, Scandinavian vibe; everything felt cozy and tranquil. Our first two years there were pretty close to bliss. We had found our own little oasis, minutes from one of Canada's most beautiful beaches. Surrounded by beautiful flower and fruit tree gardens and within walking distance from work. It was perfect. Perfect for just the two of us anyway...

In August 2018 our two baby boys were born. We joyfully welcomed our beautiful twin babies into our home and said goodbye to sleep for the foreseeable future. When we started sleep training at 6 months, our coach told us that the only way to train the babies to sleep was to separate them. And the only way to create separation in our tiny abode was for one of us to sleep in the garage. We were beginning to accept that we might be outgrowing this beautiful space.
We eventually moved into our ‘now home’, and the focus over the last 5 years has been on creating a calm, comfortable, beautiful space that supports both our collective family’s needs, and our individual, personal needs. This has not always been easy when ‘kids things’ are constantly trying to invade every corner of our (relatively small) house!

My partner and I are busy working professionals; one of us introverted, the other social and outgoing. Our kids are are BUSY and are into everything + their interests and needs seem to change almost DAILY. There’s a LOT going on, and it’s difficult to hold space for all the competing and constantly evolving life factors. However, by taking a psychology first focus and following some important principles, we have been able to create a home that supports connection, energy, learning, rest, focus and flow. It is our Haven.

As a psychologist with more than a decade of experience working one-on-one with individuals, I'm in a unique position to challenge the status quo of how we look at health; encouraging people to explore design and re-imagine their home spaces as sanctuaries of wellness. I want to change the way that people think about homes. When we understand our values a little better, and what our individual wellness goals might be, we can shape our surroundings to enhance our well-being.

Dr. Bev is a vibrant, warm, and no nonsense wellness advocate who has been a psychologist for over a decade.

Who is Dr. Bev?

Meet your host.

Wouldn't it be nice to let the setting you're in influence you instead of always having to control the environment you're in? Learn how to design your very own sanctuary. 

 Coming Home

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